Thank you, Hamilton.

As you may now be aware, today was my last day at CHCH. I walked into the CHCH newsroom 33 years ago for the very first time. Cigarette smoke hung in the air and I had a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach as I thought to myself, “I’m in over my head”.

I have lived a good part of my life in front of the camera. I did the weather from the nursery at McMaster hospital holding my daughter Kyra the night she was born; so many memories come flooding back. I have always viewed the opportunity to come into your homes every day as a gift. I loved my job and it makes me sad to know that this chapter has ended. I am also sad for my many colleagues who lost their jobs today and that I won’t be sharing laughs with them anymore. I have always tried to have fun and brighten the lives of both my coworkers and viewers. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me into your home all these years. It has been a tremendous opportunity to meet so many of you and watch our amazing community grow. The greatest compliment I would ever receive is when someone would say “I feel like I know you”, which meant that a part of me made it through all of that technology.

It has been a great run, but it’s not the end; I look forward to being a part of the Hamilton community for years to come. It’s a special place, this city.

You’ll still be able to find me on the air every morning on 102.9 K-Lite FM from 5:30-9:00am with Sunni Genesco. Thank you, Hamilton. You are the best!

Thank you, Hamilton.

441 thoughts on “Thank you, Hamilton.

  1. Pat Serafini says:

    I’m still reeling from the announcement on Friday! You have been such a part of the community and you always will be. It just goes to show that we are never sure what tomorrow may bring. Thank you for all your years of service and commitment–I sincerely wish for you that the door that just so sadly closed gives way to a bigger and better door in the New Year. Hugs.


  2. Betty Hatcher says:

    You will be missed….have been listening to you for all of the years you have been on CHCH,, as I was told when I was young….when one door closes another one opens….good luck in the future
    Bob & Betty Hatcher…..lived in Hamilton for 75 years….


  3. Sharon McMillan says:

    Thank you Matt! You will be sorely missed! I’ve always felt a sort of bond with you as we are fellow Geminis! All the best as you move into this new chapter of your life!


  4. Judy Odom says:

    You will indeed be missed Matt, We started our day with CHCH and ended it with CHCH. We all feel like we know you :):). You have kept us laughing over the years and kept us informed. The weather wont be the same without you.


  5. Jean Miller says:

    All the best to you Matt as God closes a door and opens a window! Be Blessed as you look to the future with great anticipation! Our family has enjoyed your coverage on CHCH over the years.
    From Brantford, The Miller Family


  6. Cathy says:

    I’ve watched CHCH news for the last 40 years. We will miss you Matt as well as all the others that have lost their jobs. It is bad enough that this should happen to you all but just before Christmas is the worst. .


  7. Mike Castaldi says:

    Wow ! Sorry to hear Matt. I’m 63 years old retired from Dofasco and moved north to Algonquin Highlands. We have sat. TV and still watch you and enjoyed channel 11 all my life. I will never watch again because of the rude treatment you and your colleagues have endured . No class no last hurrah no farewell nothing . Keep strong and enjoy your new found free time.


  8. Laurie Hansen says:

    Through my life CHCH has been part of my family, as a child I would watch CHCH news with my Dad in the morning as I got ready for school and in the evening as we sat around the dinner table sharing our daily stories the voice’s of CHCH in the background. When I had my children I continued on with the tradition, it was my morning routine before work. I listen on K-lite on the way to work to hear the times shared with you, Sunny, Annette and Bob. When my Husband was diagnosed with Cancer we would watch together and the show brought some comfort to our lives during a difficult time. When I lost my husband I could still share the same routine which helped me to endure. In this past year my Father, Mother and Brother were also diagnosed with Cancer and yet still we shared family stories around the Hospital or Hospice bed with CHCH news in the background. We have lost my Mom and my brother and my Dad is currently in Hospice the Cancer has now affected his brain and what he asked for every day is the news on CHCH and your voice for the weather, it is 6:00 pm and he wants to hear the friendly voices of CHCH. Thank you for all your hard work, I often wondered how you looked so happy when you were working like crazy from Dawn to Dusk. You and all your colleagues made a difference in ways that you can never imagine. I Thank you. Good luck in the future and all the best to you and your family this Holiday Season.


  9. nancy m says:

    When i think about chch 11 the first think that comes to my mind is the name Matt Hayes. I enjoy watching and seeing the gang through out the day. You are the best in my mind.
    Nancy m


  10. nancy m says:

    When i think about chch 11 i think about one name Matt Hayes. I enjoyed watching and seeing the gang through out the day. You are the best in my mind.


  11. Marjory Wood. says:

    Will miss your wonderful upbeat outlook from your weather casts and the Matt entertainment segment of the News. Always looked forward to you contributions..Not a classy way for CHCH to treat their wonderful staff…Wishing you all that’s good for your future…


  12. Michelle says:

    Matt, when we saw you sneak into the studio to steal a donut on that apple special, we laughed and said “what would we do without him?” Well I guess we are about to find out. We will miss your smile and humour and friendliness. Onwards and upwards Matt – all the best. Michelle


  13. Nan Hunter says:

    So sad for all of you at CHCH! Not only is it a sad day for all who lost their job, it is a ver sad day for Hamilton. I came to Canada in 1973 and watched the local news on a daily basis. I’m going to miss seeing my favourite weather man. I wish each and every one of you much success in the future. I’m a true believer in, as one door closes another one opens. Thank You!


  14. Lynne Sutton says:

    I can’t believe for the second time in a matter of months that CHCH is at it again. Could you have picked a better time! CHCH will become known as the station without a heart (SCROOGE!). I know times are tough but maybe the number of persons you let know could have come up with a solution to save the station and their jobs. Did you give them that chance or the opportunity to try?


  15. Lorraine Hoult says:

    I will miss seeing you on CHTV but will hear you every morning. You have become part of many of my memories with Kyle. Your kindness and patience with a sick child will always be remembered by my husband Jim and Kyle’s siblings Erin and Adam. I really liked Connie’s note to everyone at CHTV. Her words ring true for many of life’s challenges. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  16. Melissa Sault says:

    Going to miss you on CH Matt! Especially the fun loving banter with you, Sunni, Bob and Annette in the morning! My mornings will not be the same! I’ll never forget meeting you at Cranstons farm picking up end of season corn, just over a year ago, and hearing that all too familiar voice. Thanks for the memorable moments!!


  17. Linda Bagshaw says:

    So sorry Matt , it was quite a shock as you know I feel so incredibly bad and so sad for you and your fellow colleagues, we will miss your smiling face and wit and when you needed to share something we needed to hear that was important also, there is so much more that can be said but the most important is you and your team will be missed so very much , thank you for sharing all that you did over these past years .
    And I will continue to listen to you and Sunny who brighten our days and make us laugh and make us think you are the best !!! Thank you so much Love Linda


  18. Suzanne. Crowder says:

    So very sorry to hear that so many of our favourite news. People are let go Matt you kept Ch Ch. alive along with many others. Such a shock. Keep on smiling will be looking for you somewhere else. God bless you in your future.


  19. June Cosgrove says:

    So very saddened by the news I heard on CHCH Friday night. You will certainly be missed and will a lot of your friends at CHCH. My Mother who is now passed had such a crush on you Matt and I remember many, many years ago she somehow had a 8 X 10 glossy of you and as a big surprise for her birthday, my husband gave it to your Dad, Chuck, as he worked with him in Customs and your Dad got you to sign it. It was certainly a big highlight in her day.and after so many years, I thank you for doing that. The T.V. news will never be the same without CH broadcasting in the same format as they have been doing for so long with so many of the wonderful people there. I had a little chuckle this morning when you said not to feel sorry for you but feel sorry for your wife as you will now be home at 9:15 a.m. What a change for the whole family. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  20. Charlie and Denise Tryon says:

    Hey there Matt even though Charlie and I have moved out of Hamilton and moved to Newfoundland after charlies retirement from the radio station,we still watched you on CHCH on a regular basis. We are certainly going to miss you the chuckles we would often get as your personality and sense of humour came out during your weather segment. We are thinking about you and everyone at CHCH and wish you and yours the best .


  21. Cathie Watters says:

    I met you a couple of times over the years, Matt. I am sure you don’t remember me, but I sure remember you. We had quite a conversation waiting with our daughters and their friends to get into the Amphitheatre in Toronto to see “Hanson”..what were we thinking. We shared some laughs that day. Since then I have felt like I know you. I will miss your wit and you kindnesses. You are a class act Mr Hayes…I hope I can be as gracious when my job ends in the very near future. I will model my response after yours. So glad you will still be on the radio with Sunni. …see you around my friend!


  22. Norma meyer says:

    Will miss you Matt…..a shock for sure… London, but my station is CH….will miss all the regulars…Mark and Liz…Lori…
    Thank heaven still have Bob and Annette in the morning.
    All the best to you all.


  23. joyce moore says:

    matt you can always make me smile no matter how I feel, up down or whatever when we spoke of chch all we had to say was matt and everyone knew who we meant good luck and merry Christmas to you and your family


  24. Lynne Guignard says:

    Matt you have been a part of our lives for many years…… all the CHCH TV crew. I still am in disbelief. To you and all the CHCH staff….Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. Hang tough!


  25. Jen Osborne says:

    Hello Matt, you do not know me but I have loved watching you on CHCH. A few short months ago my son and I were sitting eating our pizza from Nova Pizza and to my surprise you pulled up beside us in your convertible. I became so excited and looked at my son and said oh my it’s Matt Hayes, of course a boy of 14 asked who the heck Matt was, I said hello before you went in to get your lunch. My son had bet me $5 to ask you the weather when you came out. Of course I did and never got the $5. Anyhow little did you know I began listening, to Sunni and yourself, July 2014 as my son Joel had been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. I listen to your morning show on my drive to pick up his siblings after spending the nights at McMaster hospital. The day we seen you, he had just been diagnosed terminal. Since then unfortunately Joel lost his battle in September. Thank you Matt for putting a smile on my face that day when the world around me seemed so dim! I am sorry to see you go from CHCH, I will continue to listen to the morning show on k-lite. You have touched so many lives including mine!


  26. Matt, I remember you singing to Kyra a christmas carol, as, she was just a tiny baby, on the news. I have followed the news daily, wishing you all the best , , Will certainly miss you, and all others on the station. I listened to you on K-Lite, this morning, thank you for sharing. well done…. Merry Christmas!!


  27. Debbie Money says:

    So sorry Matt for you and your colleagues my husband and I watched chch all the time and laughed along with you. Always waiting for your quick humor and yes you were all the reason we watched chch. The timing couldn’t have been worse for you all. Felt like we are losing all our friends. Debbie


  28. Joan and Ben Schweitzer says:

    Ben and Joan
    We have been watching CHCH News For the 60Years you have been
    on the Air we will Really Miss it Good Luck to All And Merry Christmas


  29. Curt Hayes says:

    Matt, it is saddening to see what CHCH has done. You are a staple in our city and I wish you all the best. I am Cam Hayes’ son – yes the Cam Hayes from your old childhood days in Ancaster.

    I wish you all the best during this tough time.


  30. Fred & Gail Oliver says:

    I know our family is going to miss seeing you on tv Matt. We have missed the Weather Boys from years ago. We will miss all those familiar faces we have grown to love. Our family is in shock as we are sure, as is the staff that was let go from CHCH. We wish All of you the very best . Stay strong. So sorry the powers to be decided to do this at Christmastime….it is like being Scrooged. God bless you all. You are all amazing people and we are sure we will see you all on different stations. You all will be an asset to any station who hires you. Again stay strong. Hugs


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